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Appeal For /Brochure


Dear Sir,

We appeal to you to help mentally handicapped child. Be a friend/sponsor of any one of our students. There is an expenditure of around Rs.6000 per annum for entire education of one student.

TEARS is basically a fund dependant organization and it depends upon government too for raising funds. But the government funds are insufficient in comparison to the number of beneficiaries, staff, utilities, and maintenance etc. Thus TEARS requires regular donations from philanthropic individuals and groups.

 Other ways you can help by:-

  1. Donate in construction for vocational education.
  2. By purchasing the articles made by the students from our school these articles include greeting cards, spices, pottery, flour, dari etc.
  3. By sponsoring various programs of Tears.
  4. By hiring our students for semi- skilled activities.
  5. By helping place our donation boxes at your establishments.
  6. Donate in kind.
  7. You can give us your support to provide mentioned article like CCTV, Printer with scanner, Educational Flex, Teaching equipments, Chairs, Led, and Magnetic Board etc.

Please make your cheque/Draft in favour of Handicapped Development Council payable at Agra.

        All donations are exempt from tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.Tears is permitted toreceive donations in foreign currency from international donors under Foreign ContributionRegulation Act(FCRA).

Your Helping Hand will bring a new Ray of Hope to these Students.

With Best Regards